Dera Sacha Sauda Educational Institutions for Girls and Boys in Sirsa


The list for Dera Sacha Sauda Educational Institutions in Sirsa are given below-
1. Shah Satnam Ji Girls School, Sirsa
2. Shah Satnam Ji Girls College, Sirsa (Haryana)
3. Shah Satnam Ji Institute of Management and Technology, Sirsa
4. Shah Satnam Ji Boys School, Sirsa
5. Shah Satnam Ji Boys College, Sirsa
6. Shah Satnam Ji College of Education, Sirsa
7. Saint MSG Glorius International School, Sirsa

About Dera Sacha Sauda Schools and Colleges-

Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School- always believes promoting the real identity of the children. Education is a process of human enlightenment and empowerment for the achievement of a better and a higher quality of life. In this materialistic world and the foreseeable future, there are rapid changes in the fields of science and humanities, communications and technology and the globalization have all generated new hopes and possibilities, fears and conflicts. This institution helps in the continuous development of the learner’s potential, the strengthening of their skills and the fostering of positive interests and values. This is the esteemed institutes in which distinguished personalities are developed under the light of spirituality. Where along with the formal education importance of truth, honesty, self consciousness, Innovation are taught from which the modern world is devoid of.
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Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School was inaugurated by Dera Sacha Sauda Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan on 1st April 1996. The school was opened with a view to let children grow in holistic environment acquiring virtuoso etiquettes. It was envisioned that such children will mingle up with the outer world later in their lives and will spread their cherished holistic traits in the society. Thus the society will cast aromatic sweetness of these children’s virtuous. And with the passage of time, the vision kept taking the desired form. Now thousands of children are partaking the responsibility to bring the desired changes in the social scenario. These children deem nation and the world in actual their habitat and people across world their kin and kith. It is greatly assumed that these children will prove a helping hand to keep up the dwindling social and cultural values.
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Shah Satnam Ji Boy’s College- A unique temple of learning in the shape of SHAH SATNAM JI P.G. BOYS’ COLLEGE has been blessed to the human society by His Holi- ness SANT GURMEET RAM RAHEEM SINGH JI ‘INSAN’ to under – stand, realise, follow and practise the ultimate truth through real education. The institution was launched in Jan., 2000 as a gift of new millennium and to commemorate the 82th Birth Anniversary of PARAM PITA SHAH SATNAM SINGH JI MAHARAJ. The necessity for the establishment of this college was felt to lay stress on moral education and elevate the character of the students. Thus, the institution stays com – mitted to maintain a nexus between academic and moral values through spirituality.
The College is situated in Nezia Khera a rural area (SHAH SATNAM SINGH JI MARG) at a distance of about 10 Kilometers each from Rail- way Station and Bus Stand Sirsa (Haryana State). The institution is spread over an area of about eight acres of land amidst lush green, pol- lution free environment, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The college has the requisite permission from Govt. of Haryana and affilia – tion from esteemed Ch. Devi Lal University, Sirsa.
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Shah Satnam ji Institute of Technology and Management College Located at Shah Satnam Ji Marg, Near Shah Mastana ji Dham, Sirsa-125055 (Haryana).
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Saint MSG Glorius International School, Sirsa- Dera Sacha Sauda respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has established the Saint MSG Glorious International School near Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa, where students are nurtured with latest international education which is a composite blend of Indian cultural values and world’s best practice. Whole administrative and teaching staff bow and pay heartiest regards in the pious lotus feet of His Holiness for such a magnanimous act.
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Reference- Dera Sacha Sauda official site.

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